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Founded in 1994, ICS Travel Group is a premier destination management company providing a wide range of travel services in Asia. ICS has 15 operations offices throughout the region and specialises in creating authentic, tailor-made programmes to Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, Indonesia, and India.

From luxury holidays to special-interest tours, we offer customised itineraries to suit individual or group requirements. Our highly knowledgeable guides, unique products and top-notch service continue to earn us accolades from satisfied travellers, and we are committed to delivering immersive and exceptional experiences for your clients.




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Why Travel with ICS

Online Tariff

Our online tariff is updated regularly and showcases a complete range of our hotels, cruises, excursions, tours and services along with the latest special offers and promotions.

International Standards

Our operations offices are fully licensed and are insured through international insurance companies. (Policies can be provided upon request). Our guides and drivers are licensed and well trained. 


We offer a wide selection of accommodations ranging from luxury beach resorts to eco-tourist homestays in remote villages. Our bulk buying power ensures the best possible rates . 

Creative MICE team

Our team of experienced travel professionals in each country is accustomed to handling multi-national incentive groups, seminars and conferences, and can devise itineraries to suit any requirement.

Online Booking

We were the first in our region to offer online booking to our clients, and we continue to improve on this, ensuring that our booking and feedback systems are unrivalled in the industry.

Rapid Response

All quotation and booking requests are answered promptly and accurately. Our experienced reservations staff have a clear understanding of each client’s individual needs and are capable of providing unique, tailor-made proposals.


Whether your clients choose high octane or straw fuelled transportation, all ‘vehicles’ undergo regular safety and quality checks. Our flights department gets the fastest confirmations and most convenient flights at the best rates.

Educational Resources

Through our website, social media platforms and e-newsletters we provide regular updates on new and existing hotels and products, insider insights on our destinations, and inspirations for creating personalized and authentic experiences for your clients. 


Our guides and tour leaders were born and raised in the regions where they work, so have exceptional knowledge and experience as well as strong links to the local communities. Guides undergo yearly training to develop their language skills and to continually improve their knowledge on our destinations.


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In all of our destinations there are must-see sights and places, and these will figure prominently in our itineraries. To optimise a traveler’s journey however, and to provide a full 360 degree experience, we suggest adding in enhancements catered to their specific interests. Herewith are a few inspirations to help you craft authentic and memorable experiences for your clients.





Art & Culture

Asian artistic and cultural traditions are strong and each region’s traditions are cherished.  Remote ethnic minorities maintain distinctive styles of dress and decoration; Myanmar’s Chin women have tattoo’ed faces while Vietnam’s Flower Hmong dress in brightly-striped, elaborately-embroidered clothing.

Religious culture and traditions have played a part in shaping Asia.  The glittering golden temples and morning alms processions of Luang Prabang spring from Buddhism.  The indigenous Muslim Sasaks of Lombok continue to practise communal living.  Roman Catholicism has bequeathed towering cathedrals in Goa and southern Vietnam.

Graceful classical Balinese dance performances may be seen in Ubud while Java’s capital Yogyakarta is renowned for Javanese classical art and shadow puppetry.  Elsewhere in Indonesia, on the island of Sulawesi, the inhabitants of the regency of Tora Toraja keep elaborate funeral death rites.

Siem Reap’s galleries overflow with moody photography of Angkor.  Hanoi is home to traditional Vietnamese Water Puppets as well as a burgeoning modern art scene.

Discover arts and culture, ancient and modern, with a trip to Asia with ICS Travel Group.




Asia is criss-crossed by mighty rivers, making this a great place to enjoy a cruise.  A day trip on the Mekong in Vietnam reveals bustling floating markets and meandering waterways edged by coconut palms, while a longer journey affords a relaxing few days between Ho Chi Minh City and Siem Reap.  Meanwhile traditional Vietnamese junks glide between soaring limestone karsts in Halong Bay.

Traditional floating transport in the region includes the ‘kettuvallum’, a traditional wooden-hulled, thatch-roofed Keralan houseboat which is a relaxing choice for backwater cruising through the green interior of this state.  In Thailand converted rice barges ply the Chao Praya River from Bangkok to former royal capital Ayathuya, whose links with the wider world were sustained by its network of waterways.

A voyage by paddle steamer on Myanmar’s Irrawady River grants a different perspective on the country’s shrines, pagodas and monasteries as you sail through remote countryside.

Let ICS Travel Group’s extensive local knowledge guide you to the perfect cruise in Asia.




Walking & Cycling

Asia’s balmy climate, friendly people and low prices make it an excellent place for walking and cycling.  Walking in northern Thailand can include visits and homestays with fascinating hill tribes while National Parks across Asia afford an on-the-ground experience of exotic nature.  Jungle trekking in Borneo allows a close insight into rainforest habitats while a trek up Gunung Rinaji in Lombok takes you to the volcanic crater at the peak.

Cycling has long been a popular way of getting around Asia and gives the opportunity to enjoy a slower pace of life in the countryside.  The main roads are generally in good condition while tracks in more rural areas may be more challenging.  Popular long routes include Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam and Vientiane to Luang Prabang in Laos, but cycling can also be an easy way of getting around cities and tourist sites such as Angkor.

Choose to walk or cycle in Asia with ICS Travel Group and you’ll benefit from years of in-country experience.




Family-friendly attitudes in Asia make this a welcoming place for family holidays.  Bali offers golden beaches, many with shallow waters protected by offshore reefs, and kind, welcoming people whose peaceful nature gives this island a relaxed atmosphere.  Thailand’s resort island of Phuket has a wide range of family-friendly hotels with family rooms, kids’ clubs and children’s pools.  Krabi is good for teens with its range of outdoor activities including trekking, rock-climbing, snorkelling and sea-kayaking, and throughout Thailand colourful, low-priced shopping opportunities abound.

Hoi An’s traffic-free streets are a rarity in Vietnam and combine with its wide variety of restaurants, relaxed cafes and nearby sandy beach to create a great family destination.  Homestays in Vietnam, Cambodia or Laos provide a great insight into other lifestyles and visiting children will easily fall into play with the local youngsters.

India’s noise and bustle may be overwhelming for smaller children but for teenagers it can be an exhilarating, exasperating, exciting country to tour.  Tell ICS Travel Group about your family grouping and they’ll create the right itinerary for all the family to have fun.





Asia is home to an abundance of luxury holiday experiences and service standards are high.  International 5 star hotels provide a sumptuous stay and the hospitality in such resorts is legendary.  Bali’s upscale hotels are renowned for honeymooners and Phuket is dotted with 5 star accommodation and fine dining.  Beachside hotel options include swanky rooms, pool villas and overwater villas.

Glorious old colonial buildings host guests in splendour throughout South-east Asia while India’s upmarket accommodation includes grandiose palaces and grand old British mansions.

Private converted rice barges convey travellers in style between the current and former capitals of Thailand, Bangkok and Ayutthaya.  Expert chefs cater for each houseboat exploring Kerala’s watery landscape.

Luxury and private trip experiences are available in many destinations.  You could experience the peace of drifting high above the temples and stupa of the plains of Bagan, dine in private at Angkor or relax on a private island resort.  ICS Travel Group offers all these luxury experiences and more.





Great Kingdoms, the ancient Silk Route and invading European powers have all shaped the history of this region.  The magnificence of Angkor’s temples in Cambodia belies their 12th and 13th century origins while crumbling Ayutthaya in Thailand retains the air of an imposing royal capital.  9th century Borobodur in Java features 504 Buddha statues while the Plains of Bagan in Myanmar house over 2,000 temples and pagodas.

Ancient history is at its most mysterious can be seen at Laos’ megalithic Plain of Jars.

Rajasthan’s warrior history is evident in its grandiose forts such as imposing Mehrangarh in Jodhpur.  Vietnam’s more recent wartime past is interpreted at the Vietcong Cu Chi Tunnels and Ho Chi Minh’s War Remnants Museum.

Throughout the centuries Asia has been a trading hotspot and the melee of cultures from the European colonial powers to the great dynastic might of China has created distinctive regional architecture and cuisine.  Unveil the rich history of Asia with ICS Travel Group.



Sustainable Travel

Travel offers unparalleled opportunities for interaction with unfamiliar peoples and cultures.  While all tourism provides economic benefits to local residents, sustainable travel can offer additional benefits.

Homestays in Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos give direct financial help to villagers in remote areas and also afford an excellent insight into rural life.  Carefully-planned, well-managed trekking to isolated hill tribes in northern Thailand and Myanmar can bring extra income to marginalised minorities.

Trekking and cycling entail direct contact and purchase of goods and services from local people as well as providing a slower-paced holiday for the travellers.

In remote agricultural areas and national parks, eco-lodges and other sustainably-designed accommodation employ natural resources and renewable energy to help protect and preserve the local environment.  Managed volunteering for conservation projects and in schools and villages can contribute valuable expertise and resources for neglected neighbourhoods.

ICS Travel Group works with local partners to identify sustainable travel options most appropriate to the needs of visitors and local people.




Asia is packed with great adventure travel options. Indonesia offers first-class trekking for all abilities, from gentle treks through rustic settlements in wide valleys to strenuous hiking through dense jungle.A trek up Lombok’s Gunung Rinjani reveals the aquamarine crater lake nestled deep inside the peak’s caldera.

In Myanmar, walking in the Himalayan Foothills may reveal the source of the Irrawaddy;  in Vietnam,climbing Mount Fansipan, the highest peak in the country, gives breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside.

Asia also has plenty of spots for great rock-climbing.These include the karst cliffs of Krabi in Thailand and Halong Bay and Cat Ba Island in Vietnam. Cat Ba is also well-known for deepwater soloing.

Water activities are also widespread.You can sea kayak around the beautiful coastline of south-east asia or river kayak along the Mekong. The rafting and tubing in Laos is renowned.

ICS Travel Group can introduce you to the best of adventure travel in the region. Trek in Indonesia, visit Phong Nha caves in Vietnam or take a 3 day trip to the caves and cliffs of Hin Boun near Laos’ border with Vietnam.



Beach holidays

Asia is home to some of the finest beaches in the world, the kind that appear in dreams; picture-perfect tropical sands nestled next to gleaming turquoise waters and fringed by palm trees.

Thailand’s coastline is peppered with glorious white sand beaches and pretty offshore islands. There are popular beaches offering all kinds of watersports and activities and quieter shores where the loudest sound is the lapping of the sea. Many Andaman Sea resorts including Krabi enjoy views of dramatic limestone cliffs scattered in the sea.

Indonesia’s long coastline includes hundreds of golden beaches; those in Bali are renowned but nearby Lombok and other islands also offer gleaming sands.

Goa and Kerala’s glittering shores are dotted with beachside food stalls and cafes. Sweeping arcs of empty beach can be found at private luxury resorts on Cambodia’s Song Saa and Vietnam’s Phu Quoc and Con Dao islands.

ICS Travel Group can unlock the secrets of a perfect Asian beach holiday for you. Take a 3 day excursion to Vietnam’s Con Dao island and relax on its golden sandy shoreline or enjoy a 6 day Cambodian Coastal Experience.



Nature and wildlife

Asia is home to exotic flora and fauna and a dazzling variety of natural landscapes. Dense rainforest hides endangered species; clear blue waters teem with colourful fish.

Indonesia’s spectacular natural environment includes thick rainforest, entangled mangrove swamps, deep lakes and volcanic peaks. Asia’s only great ape, the orang-utan, can be seen in the wild or at sanctuaries in Sumatra and Kalimantan. Komodo dragons roam their protected reserve on the Komodo and Rinca islands.

Remote corners of Laos shelter clouded leopards, Asian elephants and hornbills; Cambodia’s surviving rainforest contains Asiatic black bears. Myanmar boasts significant areas of preserved natural forest and wetland habitat which are home to Asian elephants, sun bears and Himalayan black bears.

In Vietnam, you can cycle past traditional stilt houses in Cuc Phuong National Park or drift by boat through limestone caves in Phong Nha-Ke Bang. In India, you may spy tigers in the glades of Ranthambore National Park or spot turtles in the inland waterways of Kerala.

Try a Komodo and Flores Explorer or a longer Natural Wonders of India holiday. ICS Travel Group can give you insider information on the natural landscapes and indigenous wildlife of Asia.





Home to some of the world’s most delicious food, a culinary journey in Asia excites the taste buds with exotic ingredients and unfamiliar tastes. In Myanmar, breakfast is mohinga, rice noodle and fish soup; in Vietnam, it’s a hearty bowl of pho, made up of noodles, meat and herbs in broth.

In Cambodia, fried spiders are a speciality of Skuon although many visitors will find Kep’s crab in Kampot pepper sauce more amenable. Thanks to their French heritage, Laos and Vietnam both offer excellent coffee, while Indonesia’s famous spices guarantee tasty meals. Thailand’s food glories in coconut, lime, lemongrass and chilli. Thai dining options range from steaming street-side noodle stalls to fine dining in swanky restaurants.

From the thalis of Northern India to the dosas of the south, India’s food has rightfully acquired a reputation for variety and deliciousness.

Experience the flavours of Asia with ICS Travel Group. Dine on delectable Rajasthani dishes with the royal family of Deogarh; enjoy the legendary street food of Hanoi in Northern Vietnam; or delight your taste buds with a cooking course in in Bangkok.



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