Traditions & Beliefs | “Sir Buffalo”

September 2, 2014
September 2, 2014 ICS Travel Group

Traditions & Beliefs | “Sir Buffalo”

Today is the Do San Buffalo Fighting Festival! Since the 18th century, Do Son, Vietnam’s locals believe that buffalo fighting brings favor from the guardian gods…resulting in safe voyages, abundant crops, wealth and health to their people.

The festival is held annually, and like other festivals in Vietnam, the Buffalo Fighting Festival consists of two parts: spiritual rites and entertaining activities. On the first day of the festival the elders carry out a sacrificial ceremony to the god Diem Tuoc.

“Sir Buffalo”

All of the villages with buffaloes in the competition will participate in the ceremony…after which, each fighting buffalo is officially called “Sir Buffalo”, representing the locals’ spiritual life, hope, and beliefs. Following this ceremony, the annual Buffalo tournament takes place to see whose village has the most fearsome buffalo.