December 3, 2015 Mary Eden

Thai Celebrities Visit Phnom Penh

ICS Travel Group was pleased to provide service in Phnom Penh, Cambodia to a group of Thai celebrities.

Famous photographer, Amat Nimitpark was on assignment for the Thai-language travel magazine “Traveller’s Companion” (pronounced “Pern Dern Tang” in Thai) along with Stylist/Make-up Artist, Araya Indra.

Traveller’s Companion plans to feature Cambodia in an upcoming issue and sent the group to photograph Thai models Thanwa Souliyachack and Dollacha “Sammy” Cowell visiting some of Phnom Penh’s notable locations including the Royal Palace, the National Museum and Central Market.

Pick up a copy of Traveller’s Companion at your local bookstore or newsstand.

From the left: Tasara Taksinapan, Senior Staff for Bangkok Airways; Arisra  Sangrit, Senior Staff for Bangkok Airways; Krongkarn  Phongsathorn, Owner of Traveller’s Companion magazine; Pusanu Lokasiriwat, CEO of World Surprise Travel; Amat Nimitpark, Photographer for Pern Dern Tang, Vogue, ElleMen, and others; Araya Indra, Stylist/Make-up Artist; Thanwa Souliyachack, Model; Dollacha Phoowijarn Cowell, Model

Models Phnom Penh & National Museum & Aqua Mekong

Models Phnom Penh & National Museum & Aqua Mekong 2