January 17, 2017 Tooktik2805

Tet 2017 (Vietnamese New Year)

From 27 JAN – 2 FEB 2017, Vietnam will celebrate Tet Nguyen Dan (Vietnamese New Year) or “Tet” as it is more commonly known.

Tet is the biggest and most popular festival of the year

Tet is the largest, most important and most popular holiday and festival in Vietnam and marks the beginning of the lunar New Year. The festival is closely associated with the Chinese zodiac, and 2017 is a “Year of Rooster.”

Vietnamese Tet, Year of the RoosterPreparation for the Tet holiday is a special and significant affair and begins well in advance of the holiday. Many Vietnamese cook special holiday foods and thoroughly clean their own home as well as the gravesites of their ancestors. Vietnamese begin cleaning early in an effort to get rid of bad luck before the New Year begins. One can not sweep during the holiday because one would be sweeping away the good luck. Painting one’s home, polishing all kitchen utensils and planting new flowers is common. Many people, especially children, purchase new clothes and shoes to wear on the first day of the year. Another well-known – and popular – custom during Tet is to put money in a red envelope and give it as a gift to children.

The first person to visit your home during Tet is considered a forecast of the coming year

During Tet, Vietnamese people visit their relatives and temples, attempt to make peace with anyone whom they have a grudge against, and hope for a better upcoming year. The first person to visit your home is considered a forecast of the coming year. Thus, the first visitor of the year is usually an invited guest who has been carefully chosen. Along the same idea, New Year is considered to be a lucky time to begin a business venture, such as opening a shop.

To all our parters, team members, and friends in Vietnam, we wish you a safe and prosperous Tet!