MyanmarMergui Archipelago


Stylish Sailing Tour in the Mergui Archipelago, Myanmar

Day 1

Meet at the airport in Kawthaung (Myanmar) or in Ranong on the Thai side of the border and you’ll be on board in no time. Relax on deck with a welcome drink while we glide toward the Mergui! As soon as we leave the busy river behind us, we’ll be alone with the wild and beautiful nature of the Mergui. At the end of the day we’ll sit on the beach of Hasting Island, drink cocktails and gaze at the stars. There’s not a single light within view. We can hear the monkeys shout and play in the jungle.

Day 2

Early the next morning we will arrive at Lampi Island, the largest in the region. We will brunch on board and visit a village of Moken sea nomads. This is one of the highlights of our tour and we’ll most likely spend a few hours here to play with the children, who take us by the hand and show us their little village school and the mangrove forest. Later we buy some squid from the fishermen for dinner before sailing northwest to the gorgeous Clara Island. The water is exceptionally clear here!

Day 3

It’s a beautiful cruise to Pila Island and we will try our luck fishing for tuna. Once there, we barbecue on the long, long beach and go for a jungle walk along a little creek. Before a relaxed sundowner, we cool down by snorkelling in the azure water. 800 islands and each one is a paradise!

Day 4

We pick up the east winds and speed towards the Mid Group. We could spend a whole week exploring its small islands, hidden coves and beaches, so we choose the prettiest: Frost and Potter Islands, famous for their spectacular huge fig trees, right beside the beach.

Day 5

We spend most of the day on the water, only stopping for a dip in the open ocean! Some get busy sailing, others lie on deck and watch the dolphins jump. It’s our last evening and in the afternoon we head towards Zadetkyi Island, where we find a gorgeous bay. One more time we barbecue at the beach. It won’t be easy to leave!

Day 6

We set sail in the early morning, back towards Kawthaung. We arrive by noon, just in time for our connecting flights. We’re sure we’ll see you again!