September 29, 2014 Tooktik2805

Story Behind the Image | The Monkey King

The Monkey King, Datanla Falls, Dalat, Vietnam

Following the commercial success of the 2014 Hong Kong-Chinese fantasy film ‘The Monkey King’ comes this interesting photo. . .

This man dresses up and waits for fans of this ancient Chinese legend to come and take pictures.  Located at the base of Datanla Falls, photos with the Monkey King cost 10,000 Vietnamese Dong, or about US$0.50.

Datanla Falls in Dalat, Vietnam, boasts a unique hand-controlled roller coaster which can take you to the base of the falls.  You have a choice of a gondola or walking to go back up.  Numerous interesting souvenirs are also made on site. Don’t miss out on this funny and quirky film when you visit Dalat on one of ICS’s Vietnam tours.

Destination: Vietnam