Vietnam – Hue


Hotel Overview

Alba Spa Hotel creates conditions in a single space that enhances the overall wellbeing of the travelers. Inspired by the 1928 Alba hot springs legend, the hotel architecture is a blend of its contemporary architecture and traditional materials, the harmonious flow of energized chi through its interiors and its walled lacquer plates.


Superior Boutique


58 rooms

Unique Selling Points

  • A truly boutique hotel through the design and the materials and being only hotel in Hue has the hot and cold mineral Jacuzzi.
  • Using the water as a main theme and regarding of the Zing-Zang principles.
  • High-standard Spa center features 18 selective spa treatments.
  • Materials in Hotel are used under the consideration towards the harmony with the nature: bamboo, water hyacinth carpet, products from Bao La crafts village, lacquer dishes.
  • Offer healthy food menu.

ICS recommendation


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