On the Right Track: A Special Train Ride

March 22, 2016
March 22, 2016 ICS Travel Group

[video] On the Right Track: A Special Train Ride

Do you love trains?  Recently, ICS Travel Group had the opportunity to design a very special, custom itinerary for train enthusiasts. Working with Scott McGregor, this route steamed through the train stations and railways of Myanmar.  The whole trip was great “enter-train-ment.”

Scott and his daughter filmed their adventure and allowed us to share it with you. Follow them as they travel by river, road, and rail and explore the markets, temples, waters and countryside of “The Golden Land.”


Special thanks to the ICS team members who “trained” directly with Guidepost Tours, and Railway Adventures to create this very special itinerary.

Ampornpan Janrungrit (Pond)
Senior Quote Specialist
Tarika Chomchome (Tem)
Account Executive