Indonesia • Bali






  • A spiritual trip into the heart of Ubud’s elephant cave with a stroll through the rice fields to Petanu River.
  • Visit a well-known priest to take part in a astrology session and purification ceremony.

Tour Overview

After breakfast, depart for the elephant temple Goa Gajah, which dates back to the 11th century and was built as a spiritual place for meditation. At the southern end are beautiful rice fields and small streams that lead to the Petanu River – another natural site intertwined with local legends. Enjoy a stroll through the temple and the neighboring rice fields and jungle. Afterwards, take a short drive to Mas Village and visit the uncle of your host Gusde, who is a well-known Priest and Medium and is frequently contacted by locals seeking advice. Gusde’s family is a highly respected Brahman family and descendant of sacred priests who brought the Hinduism to Bali in the 9th Century. Take part in a private Astrology Session followed by a Purification Ceremony (Balinese blessing).