Myanmar - Inle Lake - Pa-O Women

Make your way along a covered stairway to the beautiful Alaung Sitthou area (Indein Temple complex) where dozens of ancient stupas stand in an overgrown jungle like setting. Some are in a crumbling state but ornate stucco carvings of mythical animals and celestial beings can still be seen in some parts.From here start the trek to Kyar Tun village via the foothill of U Daung Thaung, from where there are panoramic views of the surrounding area.An hour from the foothill of U Daung Thaung brings you to Kyar Tun village, the residents of which are from the Pa O and Taung Yoe ethnic tribes. Walk through the village and observe their daily lives. Another 45 minutes walk takes you back to the foothill of U Daung Thaung, and from there walk uphill for about 45 minutes to a monastery. The ascent is rather steep so regular stops are made to take unique snapshots of the uninterrupted clear panoramic views of the whole southern lake area.

Visit U Daung Thaung Monastery and the burial site of a famous monk, venerated in this region for his meditation and devotion to the Sasana (the spreading of the Budddhist teachings). If in luck guests may have the opportunity to meet Pa O ethnic tribes who come for Sabbath day offerings or other religious ceremonies. Enjoy a picnic style lunch and then continue back to Indein temple complex (approx. 60 minutes.)

Visit the adjacent Sae Ma village and then transfer back to Inle by boat.

(Total walking time is 4 hrs and 30 minutes.)