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Travel upriver by boat to Mingun on this half day tour, enjoying the views of river life – fishing villages, market boats, women attending to their washing, and children playing in the water. Explore the ruins of the vast Mingun Paya, a monument to human ambition – never finished, its size would have dwarfed all contemporary pagodas.

Visit Hsinbyume Paya, Dating from 1816, this pagoda was first built by King Bagyidaw and dedicated to the memory of his wife, the Hsinbyume Princess. Like many other pagodas, this structure is a symbolic representation of the mythical Mountain Meru.

Continue to MINGUN BELL, in 1808 Bodawpaya had a gigantic bell cast to go with the gigantic zedi. Weighing 90 tons, it is claimed to be the largest bell in the world. After that, return downstream by boat to Mandalay.