Myanmar - Inle Lake - Kakku Temple complex

Journey into the mountains passing through beautiful landscapes and rural Pa-O villages to reach the magnificent Kakku temples. Kakku is a hidden treasure; an unusual but magnificent collection of Buddhist stupas lying in the deepest Pa-O territory.

The legend says that the first stupas were created by King Alaungsithu, the 12th century King of Bagan.

This site is not just an outstanding example of tradition art and architecture but also a testament to the religious devotion of one of Myanmar’s many ethnic minorities, the Pa-O. For many centuries, the Pa-O has lived in peace, cultivating their land and devoting much of their energy and limited wealth to creating monasteries and pagodas.

The main stupa is around 40 metres high and originally each one must have been topped by a gilded metal hti, the multi tiered umbrella-like feature, which is typical of Myanmar pagodas, although some are now tilted or lost.

Even more fascinating are the many figures, carved in stucco and apparently originally brightly painted, which adorn corners and niches of the pagodas: these include angels, musicians and dancers.

The remoteness of the site and reluctance of the local people to allow visitors has helped to preserve its sculptures and artistic treasures to a degree, unknown in other ancient monuments in Myanmar.