Myanmar - Mrauk U - sunrise


Surrounded by verdant countryside and small agricultural villages, the ancient site of Mrauk U contains hundreds of temples and pagodas. Formerly the capital of the Mruak U Kingdom which existed from 1430 to 1785, this fascinating site includes the 16th century Shittaung Paya which alone has 27 stupas of differing sizes and is known as ‘The Shrine of 80,000 faces’ thanks to its many holy images. For an authentic and immersive experience, take a boat trip to nearby Chin villages. Chin women traditionally have tattooed faces and these intricate patterns signify strength and beauty.


Mrauk U: Suggested Activities


Temples and Lively Spirit of Mrauk U

Explore the ruins of an old kingdom, and see the women of the Chin State, famous for their tattooed faces.
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Sightseeing in Mrauk U

Spend the morning at the bustling Mrauk U market, then visit Khami or Mro village, Ratana Man Aung pagoda, which resembles a huge bell, and Sakkyart Manaung Paya, known as the the Plate Pagoda for its colorful tiles. Continue to Let Se Kan and the Bandoola Monastery.

Koe Thaung Temple

The name “Koe Thuang Temple” means shrine of 90,000 images. It is the largest temple in the Mrauk U area, with a massive fortress-like structure built with stone walls and terraces. There are 108 smaller sandstone pagodas surrounding it.

Shitthaung Pagoda

One of the most complex and well preserved of the surviving Mrauk U temples. Its intricate floorplan weaves visitors through many passageways, past sculptures and scenes from the life of Buddha, before ending at a footprint of Buddha.