Myanmar - Mandalay - Golden Pagoda on Mandalay Hill

Myanmar’s last royal capital, Mandalay was founded in 1857 and is considered the cultural and religious capital of Myanmar. Its attractions include Mandalay Hill, whose 230 meter height affords a sweeping view of the city from the top.

The ancient seat of the monarchy, Mandalay Palace, was painstakingly reconstructed in the 1990s with over 40 timber buildings whose deep reds and golds create a striking sight. More glittering artefacts may be seen in the Gold-Pounders’ District and the Jade Market.


Mandalay: Suggested Activities


Amarapura, Inwa, & Sagaing

This popular day tour visits the three former royal capitals and offers opportunities for close cultural interaction, leaving guests with lasting impressions. Read More…

Cycling Mandalay

This active excursion offers a glimpse into the daily life of Mandalay, known for its bustling markets selling produce and handicrafts.Read More…

Maymyo (Pyin Oo Lwin)

Journey northeast along the railway line, across the plains and up the twisting road into the hills to Maymyo, stopping along the way to admire the spectacular views.Read More…

Mingun (half day)

Travel upriver by boat to Mingun, enjoying the views of local river life along the way – small fishing villages, market boats, women washing their clothes and children playing in the water. Read More…