November 1, 2017 Mary Eden

Story Behind the Image | Loy Krathong Festival

In Thailand and parts of Laos and Myanmar, Loy Krathong is celebrated on the full moon of the 12th month in the Buddhist Calendar.

Giant paper lanterns float through the sky

Traditionally and still today, Buddhists and especially couples float Krathongs – small floats made with banana leaves – and a burning incense stick on rivers throughout the country.

In parts of the country and especially in the north, the mood is even more festive as people celebrate with an abundance of fireworks.  Here, a girl lights a traditional firework made of bamboo which is then swung and released into the darkness, creating a dramatic and sparkling orange aura around her. In the distance revelers and locals light giant paper lanterns, resulting in a magical scene along the Chiang Mai skyline.


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