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Quiet beaches, centuries-old hamlets, rolling hills, a looming volcano: imagine Bali twenty years ago and you may begin to grasp the beauty and attraction of Lombok.

The indigenous Sasak are Muslims but have a culture and language unique to Lombok. Low, thatched-roofed homes with cow dung floors and traditional rice barns, known as lumbung, cluster in village compounds where tradition communal living continues to this day. The Sasak are known for their artistry in decorative items, pottery, baskets and woven textiles, and many villages specialise in these traditional crafts.

Still relatively undeveloped, the north of the island is dominated by the purple peaks of the Rinjani mountain range and the majesty of Lombok’s famous volcano, Gunung Rinjani. Jungles and rainforest with towering plantations of mahogany and teak provide a picturesque backdrop for trekking.
The south coast’s main town Kuta is the ideal base from which to explore the southern shores.

The south glories in a long coastline with some of the most sublime beaches and views in Indonesia, while the Gili Islands off the west coast are renowned for their clear waters and dazzling marine life.