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  • Exploring Pinyada, home to the Danu Tribe, seeing limestone caves, a beautiful lake and exploring Pinyada Cave…famous for 8,000 gilded Buddha images.
  • Visiting the Shan Paper Workshop and a local family producing the famous Shan Paper and learn how it is made.
  • Having lunch on the shore on a private lake nestled at the foot of the hill surrounded with beautiful scenery.


Tour Overview

Explore the small town of Pindaya, home to the Danu tribe, and famous for its limestone caves and beautiful lake.

From Inle Lake, drive through a patchwork of colourful fields. See the farmers cultivating the land and skilled workers making limestone bricks. On arrival in Pindaya explore the ancient Pindaya Caves set deep in the limestone ridge overlooking the lake. This winding maze of caves and caverns is filled with more than 8,000 gilded Buddha images of all ages, carved from alabaster, teak, marble, brick and lacquer.

Visit the workshop of a local family who produces the famous Shan paper. Learn how the paper is made and watch the artisans crafting the paper into beautiful umbrellas, fans and other handicrafts.

Lunch is taken in an idyllic spot on the shore of a private lake nestled at the foot of the hill. Enjoy traditional Shan cuisine while taking in the stunning views, and then stretch your legs with a walk through the surrounding plantations.
Back in Pindaya, stroll around Ponetaloke Lake to see the local women washing their clothes and the children swimming in the water. Before starting the drive back to Inle Lake explore the half ruined Zedi Gyi Pagodas dating back to the 15th and 17th centuries.