Kalimantan River Cruise, Indonesia

Kalimantan River Cruise, Indonesia


This 8D/7N cruise journeys into parts of Indonesian Borneo where few tourists venture to experience remote tribes, pristine rainforest, exotic flora and wildlife.


Day 1

Upon arrival at the international airport in Jakarta, a representative will be waiting for you in the arrival hall. Check-in for another flight to Palangkaraya in Borneo to begin your Kalimantan adventure.

You will be accommodated in a private cabin on a luxury river boat and spend the next few days cruising through the third largest rainforest in the world. On this first day you will see the floating houses of the provincial capital and continue upriver along the jungle, passing villages and orangutan islands. A small canoe will carry you to BOS Orangutan Foundation Centre in Nyaru Menteng. Here you can see the tough work of volunteers and experienced biologists working with orangutans in their natural environment. If you are interested, watch an insightful movie about environmental projects in Central Kalimantan and talk to the NGO’s staff about the terrifying degradation of rain forests in Borneo.

The day will end in the small village of Mungku Baru where you will stay overnight.


Day 2

The journey continues up the Rungan River, passing the orangutan release islands and local villages.

We will visit some of these settlements to see how people live and work in these isolated communities. Have a chance to sample “arak,” a traditional alcohol, or other savoury local treats. Keep an eye out for proboscis monkeys, hornbills, red langurs or Brahrnini Kites and other endemic species which can be spotted during the cruise.

In the evening you will reach the small town of Tumbang Jutuh where you will spend the night.


Day 3

Travel by car through the off roads of Central Borneo to an authentic Dayak’s long house located in the remote part of the jungle. Long houses are the traditional settlements of Dayak and Iban tribes – the original inhabitants of Borneo. Once feared for their headhunting raids, the Dayaks today live peacefully from agriculture, forest products, weaving and wood carving.

One long house holds a large number of families. The largest house counts over 50 cubicles, called bilik, for as many families. There is one long veranda set aside for communal meetings, rituals, ceremonies, cultural performances and other activities, and it is also where each day you can see the women busily weaving and the men carving their intricate woodwork. You will be welcomed by the long house’s residents who will make sure that for the next two days you’ll feel like a part of their family. It’s a tremendous opportunity to observe the Dayaks’s life and mysterious customs. You’ll be accommodated in a simple room in the long house and share the kitchen with your hosts.


Day 4

The day starts early for Dayaks and so it will for you too. Enjoy a walk through rubber forests, seeing how latex is extracted and learning about the many medicinal plants growing in the forest. Challenge your skills trying to use a blow pipe and poisonous darts – truly deadly weapons in the hands of experienced hunters. Then you will have a chance to visit the animist temple and stroll through the village to see the remarkable painted bone houses scattered throughout. In the evening sit with the elders of the community and listen to their stories about head hunting, spirits and life in old times.


Day 5

Today you will journey into the heart of Borneo. A small missionary water plane will pick you up from Tumbang Jutuh and bring you over the deepest and most remote parts of the National Park of Central Kalimantan. Have your camera ready – there will be plenty of breath-taking photo opportunities. See spectacular waterfalls, massive spires of rocks and an endless expanse of lush rain forest. Finally, land on the river next to the tiny village of Tumang Nan where you will spend the next two nights. This is simply the end of the world as you know it. Switch off your western-oriented mind, enjoy what you see and learn how different life can be.


Day 6

The kids in the village won’t let you sleep after sunrise. Obviously, they don’t see strangers too often so they will be watching you closely. After breakfast you will go for a light trek through nearby pristine rain forest. Keep your eye out for the wild animals! The remainder of the day will be free to observe the village’s everyday life. At night there will be time for traditional singing and storytelling.


Day 7

Bid farewell to your hosts, and a water plane will bring you back to Palangkaraya, where you will be transferred to Swiss Bell Hotel and accommodated in suite rooms. In the evening, enjoy dinner and a good night’s rest after your amazing adventure.


Day 8

After breakfast you will be transferred to the airport to catch your return flight to Jakarta.