August 27, 2014 Tooktik2805

Insider Tips | See Mountains of Mexican Sunflowers

Tantip Palabhuti (Bie) – Inbound Director, Bangkok says:

" I want to visit Mae Hong Son in the north of Thailand – a sleepy town surrounded by the Shan mountains and often shrouded in mist. "

Not far from Mae Hong Son is a valley that during the winter transforms into a sunny yellow carpet of Mexican sunflowers. The valley and surrounding hills are best viewed from Doi Mae Ou Kor in the early morning. I would sip a cup of fresh coffee bought from the tribal people in the local market and watch the sunflowers come into view as the mountain mist rises.

The Switzerland of Thailand . . .

I also want to visit Pang Ung, a royal project known as “the Switzerland of Thailand”.  This is an incredibly picturesque landscape where a vast reservoir of natural lakes is surrounded by pine trees, wild flowers and silhouetted mountains.  Many people visit here to see the morning sun reflected on the surface of the water.

There are many hill tribe villages in the area. In particular I would like to see the Paduang ‘Long-necked’ tribe, who are refugees from Myanmar. They are well known for their women who wear heavy brass coils around their necks, arms and legs; however they also produce beautiful woven textiles of intricate ethnic designs.”

ICS Travel Group can arrange for you to see “The Switzerland of Thailand.”  Get in touch with us at [email protected].