Insider Tips | Inle Lake

September 17, 2014
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September 17, 2014 ICS Travel Group

Insider Tips | Inle Lake

Valentina Leggenda (Sales Representative – Italy) tell about her amazing trip to Inle Lake, Myanmar and the surprising use of the exotic lotus flower

I couldn’t believe my eyes. . . silk from a lotus plant

“In a manner of speaking, I couldn’t believe my eyes. . . silk from a lotus plant.  The aquatic lotus plant (which is unbelievably beautiful during the short time it blooms) can also be used to make silk cloth.

On a recent trip to Inle Lake in Myanmar, floating among the canals and watching the children jump from stilt houses, we happened upon an amazing weaving workshop. As it turns out, the people who work there produce valuable and beautiful silk from the lotus plant.

I watched as a smiling, young Burmese girl extracted a thick, white gum from the stem of the flower that stays underwater. After removing it, she rolled it along a well-worn wooden platform into a thin, long thread. Meanwhile an old man sat nearby in front of an antique spinning wheel, using the thread. He was able to produce a pure silk thread. This was truly an unforgettable experience for me!”

Inle lake e il Fior di Loto.
Non potevo credere ai miei occhi.
Una giacca in “fior di loto”, la stoffa vegetale più unica, che rara, al mondo.
Navigando tra i canali, visitiamo una delle eccellenze del lago Inle:
un laboratorio di tessitura di inestimabile valore.
Dal fior di loto si ricava un materiale più prezioso della seta.
Una giovane e sorridente ragazzona birmana estrae dal gambo del fior di loto un collante,
che tra le sue mani diventa un filo, spesso e di corta misura.
Un’ anziano signore, seduto di fronte ad un antico arcolaio, gira inesorabile la ruota,
che produce il materiale puro.