August 4, 2014 ICS Travel Group

Story Behind the Image | Hua Lampong Train Station

Passengers hurry to their sleeper car at Hua Lampong Train Station in Bangkok, Thailand on their overnight journey to Chiang Mai, the cultural gem in northern Thailand.

“Travelling by train is one of the iconic experiences in Asia”

The train station itself is a very unique, colonial-style building surrounded by the modernity of Bangkok’s city streets. Trains leave daily from Hua Lamopong in Bangkok heading to the north, northeast, east and all the way to southern Malaysia through Thailand’s southern region.

Travelling by train is one of the iconic experiences in Asia. Whether elevated or underground, fast or slow and lumbering, train travel in this part of the world is rarely ever boring.

From awkwardly making new friends who sit next to you, to seeing the unfolding landscape of India or Vietnam, train travel is a great way to get around and see some of the rare sights in this part of the world.