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Hoi An Spring Rolls

Spring Rolls, Hoi An style


Hoi An spring rolls – a delicate and precious dish from Hoi An Restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam – is perfectly made from fresh ingredients like shrimp and pork, covered with a crispy crust and served with a very special sauce. It is not only delicious. . . it is a unique taste that you cannot find anywhere else but Hoi An Restaurant.

The inner and outer parts are the first two factors that make Hoi An Spring Rolls distinctive from other Asian fried rolls. Fresh shrimp and pork will be minced and mixed together completely by hand, and used as the inner part.  The outer part is made from a sesame and rice coating, and will undergone a drying process of at least 2 days before being soaked and softened in cold water.  The wrap is then carefully cut into rectangle shapes.

When rolling the spring roll we use the inner part, the minced shrimp and pork, to seal the spring roll instead of using egg white the way other restaurants normally do.

The third distinctive factor is the Hoi An Restaurant special sauce, the sauce is made from a mixture of fresh minced shrimp and pork, stewed over 12 hours, and then mixed with other ingredients into a special sauce based on Hoi An’s secret recipe.

Thanks to the harmony of the minced shrimp and pork inside, the outer, crispy layer of sesame rice paper and the unique taste of the sauce, you will enjoy a very delicious taste and an unforgettable experience. Get it while it is hot!

Special thanks to Hoi An Restaurant, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


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