Vietnam - Hanoi - Hoan Kiem Lake

Hanoi is a city of extremes; its speed and turmoil exhilarating, its ancient heritage and authentic everyday life charming 

Hanoi is a city of extremes; its speed and turmoil exhilarating, its ancient heritage and authentic everyday life charming. The city’s French Quarter boasts tree-lined boulevards, gracious French mansions and a grand neo-classical Opera House, while the Old Quarter overflows with hawkers, shophouses, temples and motorbikes.

The eleventh century Temple of Literature shelters manicured gardens, tessellated archways and ancient stellae. The city’s war-torn past is manifest in the decaying B-52 which rises from a city lake surrounded by tall tube houses. Hoa Lo Prison tells the tale of American Prisoners of War as well as the Vietnamese struggle against the French.

This lively, cacophonous city can seem overwhelming but its busy, noisy streets are full of life. It’s a paradise for people watchers and photographers. Hanoi’s French and Chinese heritage sit with its determined Communist history to create a city of compelling sights and fascinating traditions.

Hanoi: Suggested Activities

Vietnam - Hanoi Huu Tiep Lake and Downed B52

Walking Tour of Huu Tiep Lake and the Downed B52

Take a stroll along Hanoi’s Huu Tiep Lake, visiting lakeside temples, the Presidential Palace & the Botanical Gardens as you journey along to the wreckage site of a B52, downed during the Vietnam War.
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Explore the Art of Hanoi

Explore the Art of Hanoi

Visit a village where an ancient form of painting has been kept alive by local families, and meet an extraordinary artist who is breaking away from tradition.
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"Walk the Rails of Hanoi" Tour - Hanoi, Vietnam

Walk the Rails of Hanoi

Stroll along railroad tracks that snake through Hanoi – in some areas only a few short steps from the front doors of residents.
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Halong Bay

Spend the day cruising around the mystical landscape of this UNESCO World Heritage site.
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City Tour

Hanoi, Vietnam’s capital, is a blend of long established traditions and modern imprints of Western influence.
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Cuc Phuong National Park

From Hanoi, travel southeast to Cuc Phuong National Park, considered to be one of Vietnam’s most beautiful and important nature reserves.
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Hanoi Tuong Theatre

Enjoy a private visit to the beautiful theater house in Hanoi’s Old Quarter to meet with the troupe of actors in person and see a performance. A delightful experience for all.