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Meet the Expert: Gregg Geoghegan

Gregg Geoghegan joins ICS

A travel industry expert of 24 years, Gregg first fell in love with Southeast Asia on a trip to Bali in the 1980s and he never looked back. With an extensive background and passion for sales and product in the Southeast Asia region, Gregg brings an exciting dynamic to the ICS team.

Meet the Expert: Gregg Geoghegan

Please tell us a little about your background.  How long have you been in the travel industry and how did you start?

I have been in the travel industry promoting Southeast Asia for 24 years.  I spent two months in Bali in 1988 and soon thereafter visited Thailand.  After doing some importing and exporting of textiles and jewelry, I was offered a sales position for a company specializing in Asia and never looked back.

Where is your favorite destination?

Bali is my first love in the region with it’s incredible culture and spectacular scenery of volcanos, deep river gorges and beautiful coastline.  The Balinese people have maintained their cultural identity through years of change.  Along with the people, I was instantly drawn to its batik art, colorful ikat (cotton weaving), and amazing artisans of all types.  Dance performances, weddings and even cremation ceremonies enthrall visitors.

Tell us a few memorable travel moments.

Watching the sunrise on Mt. Bromo in Central Java was spectacular.  Riding a tuk tuk in Jaipur and in Bangkok, and vespa rides in Saigon have all been thrilling.

What advice would you give travelers coming to Southeast Asia for the first time?

Southeast Asia has amazing destinations that are safe and exciting.  I recommend to be on the safe side and not drink water from any tap or shower head.  While all luxury hotels have water purification systems, bottled water is readily available.

What trends do you see in hotels?

Our region will see more boutique hotels opening to supply the increasing demand for that style of property.  Some of the larger chains continue to acquire prime properties to put under their brand.

What trends do you see in destinations?

Our destinations continue to evolve.  The island of Phu Quoc in Vietnam and the Koh Rong archiplego in Cambodia will continue to be developed.  Airlines such as Air Asia and Bangkok Airways will offer new routes and we will see consolidation.   We will see more travelers visit our countries in the “Green Season”.

What trends do you see in traveler demographics?

Honeymooners will continue to flock to our region.  Family travel will become larger as air routes get easier, planes get more comfortable and our region becomes more mainstream.

Are there any place you would still like to visit?

I have visited most of Southeast Asia but a few places that I would love to visit include Kalimantan on Borneo Island, Sri Lanka and the mountains of Sapa in Vietnam.

Gregg Geoghegan joins ICS
Gregg Geoghegan joins ICS

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