March 16, 2015 Tooktik2805

Evening Foodie Safari – Phnom Penh



Head off the tourist trail and experience the markets & food stalls of Phnom Penh

Begin the evening with a ride on a remork, the Cambodian version of a “tuk tuk”.  Head off the usual tourist trail, and ride to Phnom Penh’s Old Market (Phsar Chas) along Street No. 13. A local food-loving guide will help you uncover delectable local favourites such as a yellow bean cake or the Khmer rice cake. Taste seasonal fruits grown in and around Phnom Penh, such as dragon fruit, mango, and tiny (but sweet) pineapples. The brave can try the famously smelly durian fruit, widely loved across Asia. Learn about the spices used in local recipes and hear about traditional remedies.

Next, go to a local picnic spot and wander around the food stalls, where you can often find fried tarantulas, fried crickets, green mango with chili and salt, ducks eggs and much more.

From there, head to a rooftop bar for cocktails, stopping along the way to take photos at the Independence Monument, brightly illuminated by red, blue and white floodlights at night. Continue on to a local restaurant for dinner and sample Khmer delicacies. Cap the evening off with a visit to a dessert stall where fruit shakes, fruits with sweet condensed milk, and baked puddings are on offer. Return by remork to your hotel.


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