February 13, 2019 Mary Eden

Don’t Eat That!

C’mon, who doesn’t like a big bag of bugs?

Trying new foods is one of the biggest benefits of travelling, and on the streets of Asia you can buy just about any kind of food you can imagine. And many more you probably don’t want to! In this part of the globe almost everything is considered edible.

Here are our top picks of bizarre, unique and unusual food to be found in Asia. You’ll need a strong stomach for some of them!

Crawl up to some Deep Fried Tarantulas in Cambodia

Tarantulas, Cambodia


Go quackers for Balut – fertilised duck embryo – in Hanoi, Vietnam

Balut in Hanoi

Cherri Megasko


Slither up to a bowl of Snake Curry in Lae Mat near HanoiVietnam

Snake curry, Vietnam


Bite into some Grilled Squid Teeth in Vietnam

Grilled Squid Teeth in Vietnam


Snack on crunchy creepy crawlies from the streetfood stalls in Thailand

Fried insects in Thailand

Michael Sullivan for NPR


Sample some Stir-fried Red Ants in Cambodia

Stir fried red ants in Cambodia



Get tipsy on Rice Whisky with pickled snake (and almost anything else) in Laos

Rice whiskey with pickled snake in Laos


Vampires – Sink your teeth into some Duck Blood Salad from Laos

Duck Blood Salad from Laos 


Get your protein from a Red-Ant & Egg Omelette in Northern Thailand

Red ant omelette in Northern Thailand


For a healthy dessert try Salak Fruit, also called “Snake Fruit,” from Indonesia

Salak Fruit, also called “Snake Fruit,” from Indonesia


Waste not, want not! Everything goes into Pig Organ Hot Pot in Myanmar

Pig Organ Hot Pot in Myanmar


Eri Polu, is an exotic Indian delicacy prepared from Silk Worm pupas. You can make a silk necktie and then have a snack!

Eri Polu, is an exotic Indian delicacy prepared from Silk Worm pupas.


Still hungry?

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