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Did You Know? | Peaceful Bhutan

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According to the 2013 Global Peace Index (GPI), Bhutan is among the 20 most peaceful countries on Earth. Plus, Bhutan boasts plenty of spectacular attractions for everyone.

For thousands of years this country was cut off to the outside but is now allowing a lucky few to step inside and discover a mysterious medieval kingdom of sacred temples, ancient monasteries, dazzling rice fields, and villages that time forgot.

“It will soon become clear that you have wandered well off the beaten path and into the last remaining great Himalayan kingdom, the last Shangri-La.”

Western Bhutan is known for its stunning scenery of magnificent mountains, pristine rivers and for fortresses and temples that seem to come straight from a dream. It offers an opportunity to glimpse another way of living, an alternative vision of what is truly important in life.

When you join our amazing 7-day Bhutan tour, you will:
– Trek to Taktshang Lakhang, a magnificent monastery that seems to hang from the sheer cliff face
– Visit imposing fortresses that stand guard over lush green valleys and sleepy villages lost in time
– Travel over the Dochu-la Pass where prayer flags flutter across the view of the Himalayan summits
– Explore sacred temples where crimson clad monks mutter mantras and spin prayer wheels

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