• Take a boat to a remote and culturally-isolated lakeside village.
  • Learn the history about the village temple and its sacred Neolithic effigy.
  • Discover the unique cemetery where bodies are laid out to decompose.

Trunyan the Mystical Balinese Village

A boat takes us across the shimmering Lake Batur to the remote and isolated village of Trunyan, known for its unique traditions and funeral rites.
See the village temple and hear the fascinating story about the sacred Neolithic effigy that lies in its underground chamber. It is only brought out once a year during an important religious ceremony.
Another boat ride brings us to the cemetery. Here, the dead are not buried or burnt – instead they are laid on the ground under a sweet-smelling ancient tree and left to decompose. When nature has reclaimed the body, the skull is placed on a stone altar. These Trunyanese funeral rites date back to a neolithic sect from pre-Hindu times.
There is time to reflect on these unusual customs with a dip in natural hotsprings near the lake before returning to the hotel.


  • 08h00 – 17h00

Notes or FAQ’s

  • Private basis and operate daily.
  • Capacity is 1 – 4 persons per group.
  • More persons can join but with separate vehicle and guide.
  • Need to book in advance.
  • Press dress modestly and appropriately (soft/grey/dark colour is recommended).
  • In rainy season, tour is subject to change due to weather and water level in the lake.

Additional information

ThemeArts & Culture, Nature & Wildlife, Walking
DurationFull Day

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