• Meet the Co Tu tribe who still wear their colourful traditional dress.
  • Learn about traditions and practices that have remained unchanged for centuries.
  • Meet the village elder for an insight into life in a remote village.

Trekking the Ho Chi Minh Trail (2D/1N)

Tour Overview

Get a taste of ethnic minority life in the traditional village of Bho Hoong, and discover a way of life ruled by the seasons and the land.



Day 1: Hue – Bho Hoong village

In the morning, set off from Hue on 49 National Highway to A Luoi. Along the way pass through the beautiful countryside of Ko Tu, home to the Ta Oi ethnic people. On arrival at A Luoi town transfer to A Roang village. From here set off on a half day trek to explore the village and its surroundings. Relax over lunch in the village hall.

Continue driving for around 3 hours along the Ho Chi Minh trail (No 14) to Bho Hoong village. As you drive witness the spectacular scenery of Truong Son Mountain. Arrive at Bho Hoong Bungalow in the late afternoon. Check in and then enjoy dinner followed by traditional music of the Co Tu people.


Day 2: Bho Hoong Village – Hoi An

After breakfast make your way into the village to meet Mr. Bay, an ex-soldier who is now the Old Father of the village. Together take a stroll around the village to see the central Goul house and learn about the different families and the history of the village. Daily village life in Bho Hoong revolves around traditions and practices that have more or less remained unchanged since the Co Tu began interacting with modern society. Some of the villagers still wear traditional hand woven, ornamental body cloths and dresses, and use distinctive wicker backpacks for carrying goods and produce from one place to another.  Also visit Y Kong house in Co Tu village. After lunch spend some free time in Bho Hoong Village before heading to Danang or Hoi An along the Ho Chi Minh Trail.

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CityHoi An, Hue
ThemeAdventure, Arts & Culture, Family, Nature & Wildlife, Walking

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