Spiritual Tour of Siem Reap

Start the tour at a beautifully decorated shrine containing the statues of two sisters, thought to have been Angkorian princesses. The tall one is known as Preah Ang Chek, the shorter one as Preah Ang Chorm. They are believed to be almost one thousand years old and have a colourful history of power and indestructibility. Join the other pilgrims to make offerings and take photos at this sacred place of worship.

From here continue to a Buddhist temple for a private ceremony. Spend some time walking along the garden paths around the beautiful pagoda with its gilded spires. Then enter into the peaceful temple and take a seat on the floor in front of the saffron-clad monks. Listen as they quietly chant in the ancient Buddhist language of Pali. Breathe in the aromas of the lotus and jasmine flowers and the burning incense as you offer your alms to the monks.

Then it is your turn to take part in an ancient Cambodian practice by receiving a traditional water blessing. You can choose from two types of blessing. During the first blessing the monks will lightly sprinkle water over you as they chant harmoniously to wish you good luck, safe travel and a long life. The second blessing involves blessed water being poured onto your head while the monks chant. If you choose this ritual you will be provided with a sarong to change into so that your clothing remains dry. After the blessing, the monk will tie a thread around your wrist to bring good luck and prosperity.

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CitySiem Reap
DurationHalf Day
ThemeArts & Culture, Family

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