• Try your hand at the ancient techniques of pottery and weaving.
  • Explore Lombok’s southern coastline of beautiful bays and beaches.
  • Explore a traditional Sasak village that still follows the old traditions.

Sasak Village & Southern Beaches


Depart from Senggigi area and drive south to the village of Banyumulek. The village is renowned for producing hand crafted pottery made using simple tools and techniques that have been handed down through the generations. You can even try your hand at making a pot, with the help from an expert craftsman.

Follow the country road to Sukarara Village where the villagers weave ikat and songket fabrics. Many of the fabrics are covered in beautiful patterns and designs of symbols and figures derived from their traditional beliefs. Watch the skillful artisans as they handle the traditional looms and then it’s your turn to have a go. You can also dress up in Sasak costumes and take photos against the backdrop of a traditional house.

Return to the mainroad and drive to Praya, the capital town of Central Lombok, and then to Selong Belanak Beach, a pristine white sandy beach with a beautiful bay. Continue to Mawun Beach, famous with beach surfers. Visit Seger Beach where the annual festival of Bau Nyale is held. Take a quick photo stop at Gua Raksasa giant cave, and at Gunung Perabu Lookout Point from where you can view almost all the beaches of Kuta.

The last visit is at a Sasak traditional village where the locals still preserve the old traditions. Here you can see traditional houses and rice barns. The simple houses have a thatched roof, woven bamboo walls, and the floor is cemented with a mixture of cow dung and clay.



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