• Explore streets and secret spots beyond the usual tourist trail.
  • Venture into a hidden bunker used in the 1968 Tet Offensive.
  • Stroll through a market full of fascinating war memorabilia and weapons.

Saigon Insider

Tour Overview

The tour starts at the antique street where the shops are full of original antique and vintage items.
Walk towards Yerson Street passing by the beautiful Fine Art Museum and a myriad of interesting shops. Stop at a fresh fruit smoothie stall for a refreshing drink made from tropical fruits. Explore Yersin Street Market which features a labyrinth of stalls selling all manner of strange and unusual goods including second hand war memorabilia. In a simple unassuming house discover a secret bunker that was once stashed with weapons and soldiers in preparation for the 1968 Tet Offensive. Venture through the floor hatch to the bunker in the busy hem (alley).
After a short drive take a leisurely walk along Nhieu Loc Canal which splits the city into two halves. Stroll past temples and churches along with typical Vietnamese street scenes – locals having coffee on wooden benches and roosters running through the streets. Mingle with the locals over a cold drink before the drive back to the hotel.


Additional information

DurationHalf Day
ThemeArts & Culture

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