• A relaxing evening on the cruise with your glasses of sparking wine and soak up the beauty of Mekong River.
  • Delicious dinner of authentic Laotian dishes is served on the traditional boat while you enjoy the breathtaking sunset views over the distant mountains.

Mekong Romantic Sunset Dinner Cruise

Set aside an evening to chill out on an intimate and romantic sunset dinner cruise on the Mekong River.
In the late afternoon, the captain will welcome you as you step aboard your stylish boat at its location near the Wat Xiengthong Temple. Sit back and relax with glasses of sparkling wine as you gently float along the Mekong River leaving the town behind. Take in the beautiful views of the rolling hills on either side of the river, and the scenes of sleepy waterside life.
Dine on a delicious dinner of traditional Lao dishes prepared by the chef while your host refills your drinks! This is your chance to try local favourites such as laap, khaipan, and Luang Prabang salad along with any other special requests you may have.
The sunset over the distant mountains is truly breathtaking, and there’s no better vantage point than out on the peaceful river. From there, watch as the blue fades and the evening sky lights up in shades of pink, orange and gold. As the sun dips below the mountains your candlelit boat will slowly return to Luang Prabang.

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DurationHalf Day
ThemeBoats & Cruises, Nature & Wildlife, Sustainable

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