• Gain an insight into the life and history of rescued and orphaned elephants.
  • Join the elephants in the river for a chaotic and fun bath time.
  • Get very muddy as you treat the elephants to a therapeutic mud spa.

Elephant Encounter at the Sanctuary

Tour Overview

A half day tour spent mingling with elephants in a safe and sustainable eco-friendly elephant sanctuary.

Wake up early and drive out of the city into the scenic countryside to the elephant sanctuary. This eco-tourism project provides mistreated elephants with a safe home amid spectacular jungle scenery. Here, the elephants are not ridden, instead they are treated with love, respect and care.

On arrival the sanctuary staff will introduce you to the elephants and tell you about the behaviour and history of each of the animals. Change into a traditional Karen outfit and then spend time feeding the elephants their eagerly awaited treats of bananas and sugarcane. Also learn the correct way to care for them and administer their medicine.

Take a walk with your four-legged friends to a nearby mud spa. Get muddy as you cover the elephants in a protective layer of mud for a therapeutic mud spa. Then join them in the river to play, swim, wash and brush the elephants while they wallow in the refreshing water.

After lunch, say goodbye to your elephant friends and then change into dry clothes before returning to Chiang Mai.

Additional information

CityChiang Mai
DurationHalf Day
ThemeAdventure, Arts & Culture, Nature & Wildlife, Off The Beaten Track, Sustainable, Walking

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