• Join in a fun cricket match in India with a local Indian team.
  • Understand the passion behind India’s much-loved sport.
  • Chat with the players about the role of cricket in Indian life.

Cricket Match with Locals

Tour Overview
Spend a morning playing a friendly game of India’s favourite sport with a local cricket team. In India cricket has never been just a game, but an integral part of everyday life. The ‘gentleman’s game’, as it is also known, is almost another religion in India and one of the few aspects of Indian life that unites the whole country. When the Indian team in playing a match the entire country stops to watch. Every kid in India grows up playing cricket in alleyways, parking lots and even sometimes in bedrooms.

This is your chance to join a local team in a friendly game and see for yourself the passion and pride they experience when both playing and watching the sport. Chat with the locals to get a glimpse into their life and their love of the game.

The match can be customised to suit you, whether you are complete beginner or an experienced cricketer. So whatever your level you can be sure of a fun yet challenging game.

Additional information

DurationHalf Day
ThemeAdventure, Arts & Culture, Family

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