• Enjoy an insider’s look into the flourishing art scene in Siem Reap.
  • Meet and interact with upcoming local artists, designers and curators.
  • Visit a working studio breathing new life into Cambodian handicrafts.

Art Insider in Siem Reap

Join a specialist guide for an insider’s perspective on the thriving art scene in Siem Reap, visiting local galleries, workshops, ateliers and boutiques.

Before you set off, chat with your guide about your specific interests. She is very well-connected in the art scene and will guide you through who’s who of the talented up and coming Cambodian artists, as well as artists from across the world. She knows all the local and internationally renowned galleries and will tailor-make the experience to ensure it is personalised, insightful and memorable.

Then set off on a behind-the-scenes tour to meet local artists, curators and designers.
Stroll through the galleries and work spaces of Cambodian artist Lim Muy Theam. Set in a traditional Khmer home with a lush garden, Theam’s home cum-atelier is a must-see in Siem Reap. Wind your way through the galleries viewing Theam’s work, a blend of contemporary and traditional Khmer designs. Visit the on-site workshops and see skilled artisans creating paintings, sculptures and other artworks.

Visit the atelier of a world-renowned textile designer, and browse through his unique, hand-crafted collection of clothing and accessories.

Throughout the tour your guide will educate you about the thriving art scene and together you will learn why Siem Reap is gaining a reputation as a regional art hub.

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CitySiem Reap
DurationHalf Day
ThemeArts & Culture, Luxury, Off The Beaten Track

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