• Meet up with Hanoi’s most characteristic locals artists and get guided through the contemporary art scene of the capital
  • Enjoy a home-cooked lunch at the artist’s residence

Art Connoisseurs of Hanoi

Meet with celebrated local artists and witness an emerging and exciting art scene.

Visit the Fine Art Museum to see both historic and modern pieces of art and learn how Vietnamese arts have struggled throughout the turbulent history of the country.
Meet a celebrated Vietnamese artist who is credited for transforming the traditional form of lacquer painting into a contemporary style. See her private gallery and admire the richness of colours and textures that she incorporates into her beautiful artworks.
Continue to the studio of a leading contemporary and controversial artist who is well known within Asia for breaking away from the traditional constraints. Spend some time looking around his unusual studio and admiring the artworks. Chat with the artist himself over a delicious home-cooked lunch and learn more about the development of Vietnamese art through his eyes.


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DurationHalf Day
ThemeArts & Culture, Culinary, Luxury

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