• Improve your photographic and technical skills with a professional renowned photographer.
  • Tell a story through your images as you snap fishermen, markets, artisans, temples and sunsets.
  • Record the exquisite sight of hundreds of Buddhist monks taking their morning alms walk.

2-Day Photography-in-Depth Tour

Join a renowned photographer and filmmaker on a photographic journey through Luang Prabang. Ideal for all levels of photographers, this 2-day photography workshop and tour combination is your chance to capture the sights of Laos while improving your technical skills. With a maximum of six people you can be assured of a personal service that is tailored to your needs.


Additional information

CityLuang Prabang
ThemeAdventure, Arts & Culture, Off The Beaten Track

Day 1: 08h00 to 19h00 with 1 hour break

  • Spend the day visiting the city’s exquisite temples and architecture, and discovering the life along the two rivers. Experience a picturesque sunset over the water and distant hills. Working alongside the photographer and his local team discover some of the best angles for taking the perfect photograph and how to tell a story through your images. Learn how to interact and communicate with your subject, whether a local fishermen casting his net or a crumbling French colonial mansion. Discover how composition and framing play an important role in photographing the moving water of the river and capturing the romance of the landscapes.
    In the afternoon there will be a discussion and evaluation session.
  • The day will include:
    • 1.5 hour photography workshop with basic guidelines for photographing in Southeast Asia
    • Life of the monks and Buddhist temples
    • French colonial architecture of the UNESCO World Heritage town
    • River life with the boats and fishermen
    • Sunset at the Mekong River

Day 2: 06h00 to 19h00 with 2 hours break

  • Wake up early to photograph the long lines of saffron-clad monks silently making their way through the empty streets. Then move on to the morning market to film the vibrant colours of the exotic fruits, vegetables and spices.
    Continue just outside Luang Prabang to the village of Ban Nong Sai, home to the Tai Lue people. For years the local families have specialised in the production of silk, cotton and saa paper. The traditional weaving looms, natural dyes and the patterned tribal fabric make for interesting images.
    The day ends at the top of Phousi Hill to witness the spectacular sunset.
  • Lao people generally enjoy being photographed, however sensitivity is required, and this will be addressed throughout the day as you photograph the locals in their everyday work environment.
    Along with discussion and evaluation, the photographer and his team will also take you through the technical aspects of how to select, edit and present your images.
  • The day will include:
    • Alms giving ceremony
    • Morning market with a great variety of food
    • Selection process of images, basic editing and presentation of photographs
    • Ban Nong Sai village to see weaving, paper production and handicrafts
    • Sunset at Phousi Hill with views overlooking Luang Prabang

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