Kyauktan Yayle


  • Shop at the local market, cook, taste your authentic cuisine and offer food to the monks.
  • Explore an ancient Portuguese Church and cruise along the river to visit Kyauktan Yayle, an exquisite pagoda built on the tiny island in the middle of the water.

Tour Overview

Today is all about food – buying fresh produce from a local market, cooking and tasting authentic cuisine, and making food offerings to the monks.

Early morning, explore a local market in Thanlyn to buy the ingredients for today’s activities. Mix and mingle with the stall owners as you negotiate the best prices for the fresh produce.

At a small village monastery, meet for a talk with the chief monk, and then present gifts of food to the monks in the same way that the locals do.

From here make your way to a village house in Thanlyn where you will learn how to cook up some tasty traditional Myanmar food. Try your hand at making meals that are eaten almost daily in homes all across Myanmar including soup, salads, meat and seafood dishes along with side servings of stir fried and blanched vegetables. In addition you will also be shown how to make cuisine served on ceremonial occasions such as herbal rice and delicious local desserts.

When all the dishes are complete, it’s time for lunch and your chance to taste your authentic Myanmar cuisine.
After lunch head out into Thanlyn and explore the ancient Portuguese Church which dates from the 18th century. Then take a boat along the river to discover Kyauktan Yayle, an exquisite pagoda built on a tiny island in the middle of the water.