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We use cookies for the following reasons;

For marketing purposes for example, to display personalized banner
To identify you as you travel around our site and to monitor your journey. This enables us to identify issues and improve our customer journey.
To provide site usage information, which will further help us improve and develop the products and services we offer.
For marketing purposes for example, to display personalized banners.
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We have classified our cookies into two different types; First and Third party cookies. First party cookies are the cookies that ICS Travel Group set to offer you a fully functional experience when traveling our site. Third party cookies are set by our business partners such as Social Media and Adobe Flashplayer, which we use to display video content.

First party cookies

Below is a list of the main cookies that we use and what we use them for, some of our partners also use cookies which you can find detailed under Third Party Cookies.

Name of cookie Party Purpose of Cookie
SSID, SSLB, SSPV, SSRT, SSSC, JSESSION ID, SSOD, WCS_UNIQUE_ID, WC_SESSION_ESTABLISHED, WC_USERSESSION_50529212, WC_AUTHENTICATION_50529212, _basket ICS Travel Group/IBM These are cookie files placed by our website provider IBM to enable you to add to your basket, browse our website and allow us to recognize our registered users and save their basket items.
__UTMA, __UTMB, __UTMC, __UTMZ, s_cc, s_cm, s_cmdir, s_invisit, s_lv, s_lv_s, s_nr, s_sq, s_visitStart, s_vnum, sc_cvp55, sc_cvp56, sc_cvp58 Site Catalyst These cookies enable the function of Site Catalyst our analytics package provided by our partner Adobe. This allows us to generate statistical information such as visitor number, browser usage, shopping journey times and responses to our marketing activities. This information helps us to track our performance and to improve your journey on our website.
FSR.S, FSR.R, FSR.A Foresee ForeSee Results is our survey provider that allows us to display a survey to our customer’s to measure your satisfaction with our website. This survey also helps us to identify future ways of enhancing your shopping experience on
DebsiPhoneAppCookie ICS Travel Group ICS Travel Group use this cookie to identify which device you are accessing our site from so that we can direct you to a better
bn_u, bnTrail Baynote Baynote is our partner supplier offering ICS Travel Group tailored product recommendations. This enables us to recommend other relevant and popular products to our customers on ICS Travel Group product pages.
bvgacefRatingsAndReviews Bazaarvoice Bazaarvoice is our partner supplier allowing ICS Travel Group to offer it’s customers the ability to create and share their product reviews with our other customers on our site.
utag_main, channel_closer, channel_flow, channel_originator Tealium These are the main cookies that Tealium use to identify a Visitor for AudienceStream and the Tealium Tag Management system, as well as for marketing purposes (although no personal data is taken).

Third party cookies

We work with carefully selected suppliers who also use cookies on our website. These cookies enable certain features that are run in conjunction with partners such as Facebook, Twitter & YouTube to function. We don’t control the setting of some of these cookies so for more information about please visit the relevant third-party website. Below is a list of the main cookies that our partner suppliers use and what they use them for.

Name of cookie Party Purpose of Cookie
vdnaR, vdnaSessionId, vdnaWidgetMC, dis, evt, udc, udi, uic, uid Visual DNA/Struq These cookies are supplied by our carefully selected remarketing partners to provide you with personalised adverts when you visit other selected websites. To learn more about these cookies, please visit our supplier websites. Please visit
bt, di, dt, loc, psc, uid, uit, uvc Add this These cookies enable you to share products you have found with your friends through printing, email sharing, bookmarking etc.
datr, i_id, lsd, lu, SR_geoCodeCache Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter These cookies are required to enable our customers to share their shopping experiences through social media such as Facebook and Twitter etc. Please note that if you do choose to share through these social media providers that we don’t control the setting of these cookies and we recommend that you check the provider’s website for further information.

We have tried to ensure that you our customers have full visibility of the cookies used on our website. Our website requires certain cookies to be enabled for you to be able to shop on however if you would like to restrict or block cookies from this website you can use your browser to do so. Each browser allows you to restrict or block cookies in different ways so we recommend that you visit the Help section to learn how to set your preferences.

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