September 30, 2017 Mary Eden

Insider Tips | Pink Beaches and Dragons

We asked Claudia Rogalla (Sales Executive, Munich) what would be her Bucket List trip in 2014…

All the pink beaches worldwide can be counted on two hands

Her answer: “To find a pink beach and a dragon…I want to visit Pink Beach on Komodo Island, Indonesia once in my lifetime.  It is said that the number of pink beaches existing worldwide can be counted on two hands.  Pink Beach on Komodo Island is one of them and is also a World Heritage Site.  The amazing pink colour comes from tiny pieces of coral in the sand.

" During the 6-day cruise aboard the Plataran Komodo I would not only get to visit the beach during the daytime but would also have the chance to do a night dive here. "

In addition, there are guided treks through the two islands of Komodo and Rinca to get a closer look at the legendary Komodo Dragons along with water buffaloes, monkeys, deer and other protected animals. There is also plenty of time to explore the fascinating underwater world by snorkelling and scuba diving. I could swim with the manta rays at Pante Makassar, as well as dive or snorkel at other well-known diving sites including Bidadari Island, Sabolo Island, Batu Bolong, Tatawa, Crystal Rock and the Light House. Sailing on a beautiful intimate wooden boat surrounded by stunning scenery is what a perfect holiday should be.”

If you’d like to find your own pink beach and dragon, contact us at [email protected]