Cambodian Apsara Dance

November 18, 2014
November 18, 2014 ICS Travel Group

Cambodian Apsara Dance

Apsara is a traditional Cambodian dance which has its origins in the sacred dances of the apsaras. . .the mythological seductresses of ancient Cambodia!

Cambodian Apsara Dance

There is a strong cultural tradition of dance in Cambodia which has influenced techniques of nearby Thailand and Laos.  The moves are intricate and particular dances can take years to learn.

Apsara are spirits of the clouds and water in Buddhist and Hindu mythology.

Dance also became a religious tradition because it was designed to bring divine blessings to the king and his people.  During the Angkor period classical ballet dancers were central to the royal court and followed a very structured form.

Folk dancing is less structured, with dancers responding to the rhythm of drums while they act out tales from Cambodian folk stories. The drummer has the most important role in folk music as he sets the rhythm. There is no system of written notation so the tunes are transmitted orally from generation to generation.

Dancers respond to the drums by acting out tales from folk stories

Not only are Apsara dancers found throughout the majestic ruins of Cambodia’s Khmer empire, the dance continues on as a cornerstone of Cambodian culture.  When you visit one of our many destinations in Cambodia, don’t forget to take the time to see this ancient and beautiful tradition.

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