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Discover the architectural treasures and stunning natural beauty of Isaan. Visit the ancient ruins of Phimai, Sukhothai and Ayutthaya, along with green oasis of the Khao Yai National Park, and enjoy the evenings in boutique hotels.

– Visit the ancient temple ruins of Phimai, Sukhothai and Ayutthaya
– See hundreds of monkeys roaming the streets in Lopburi
– Enjoy a wine tasting and experience the beautiful scenery at Khao Yai National Park


Day 1:  Bangkok – Khao Yai 

Drive to the Khao Yai National Park, home to over 2.500 species of plants, more than 350 species of birds and numerous animals such as elephants and gibbons. Hike to a beautiful waterfall and sample fine wines at a local winery.

Overnight in Khao Yai.

Day 2:  Khao Yai – Korat – Khon Kaen

Depart Khao Yai and head to Korat, stopping to see Wat Phra Narai Maharat. This temple is located on an island and pays respect to the Hindhu god, Vishnu. Continue to the temple ruins of Phimai, which pre-date the famous Angkor Wat, and the Wat Phra Narai Maharat temple, located on an island. Pay a visit to Suay Ngam, a group of banyan trees, highly revered by the locals, before continuing on to Khon Kaen.

Overnight in Khon Kaen.

Day 3:  Khon Kaen – Nong Khai

Visit the UNESCO World Heritage site of Ban Chiang, then continue to Udon Thani where you will have the chance to see beautiful flowers in an orchid farm. Continue to Nong Khai to visit one of the most interesting parks in Thailand, Sala Kaew Ku, with giant sculptures depicting a mix of religion and fantasy.

Overnight in Nong Khai.

Day 4: Nong Khai – Loei

Journeying towards Loei, visit the Phu Prabat Historical Park and see its photogenic rock formations. The park’s rock paintings are believed to date back 6000 years, and can best be seen where rocks have formed a natural shelter.

Overnight in Loei

Day 5: Loei – Sukhothai – Phitsanuloke

Set out for Sukhothai, undoubtedly one of the highlights of the tour, with its many temple ruins from the 13th century. Sukhothai is known as the “cradle of Thai culture” and the Wat Mahatat was known as the mystical and spiritual center of the kingdom.

Overnight in Phitsanuloke.

Day 6:  Phitsanuloke – Bangkok

Visit Phitsanulok’s Wat Mahatat, home to one of the most beautiful and highly revered Buddha-statues of Thailand. The head south to Lopburi, also known as “Monkey Town”, owing to the hundreds of monkeys roaming about the city streets and buildings. Continue to Ayutthaya and discover the temples ruins of the ancient Siamese capital, also a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Return to Bangkok.