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Alison Mattos joins ICS

Alison Mattos, Director of Sales - US and Canada

Alison Mattos, Director of Sales – US and Canada


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We are proud to announce that Alison Mattos has joined ICS Travel Group as Director of Sales. Alison will focus on wholesale segments including Tour Operators, MICE, Alumni, Cruises, and emerging markets in US and Canada.

Alison launched her career in the travel industry 13 years ago focusing on adventure expeditions as a vehicle for teaching biodiversity conservation education. Since that time she has gone on to work with Travel Dynamics International, Abercrombie & Kent, and most recently at TCS World Travel where she was responsible for developing new strategic partnerships with special interest entities in the private jet travel space.

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Top 10 Bizarre Foods in ICS Destinations

Trying new foods is one of the biggest benefits of travelling. Here at ICS Travel Group, WE LOVE FOOD. . . market stalls, street vendors, five-star restaurants, home-stay meals and sunset dinners on one of our river cruises. Our destinations are home to a number of “unusual” foods, and we would like to introduce you to ten of the most unique. If you find yourself at one of our destinations, have a taste!


Crawl up to some Deep Fried Tarantulas in Cambodia

Deep Fried Tarantula

Deep Fried Tarantula

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Introducing Dominik, King of Product

Dominik Schaufler, Director of Product

At ICS Travel Group, we know that having fresh, creative tours and excursions is one way that we distinguish ourselves, and provide you with exciting travel for your customers.

Heading up our efforts to bring you new and interesting travel is our Director of Product, Dominik Schaufler. We sat down with Dominik asked him for insider tips, secrets, and the latest trends and strategies.

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