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Hoi An Spring Rolls

Spring Rolls, Hoi An style


Hoi An spring rolls – a delicate and precious dish from Hoi An Restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam – is perfectly made from fresh ingredients like shrimp and pork, covered with a crispy crust and served with a very special sauce. It is not only delicious. . . it is a unique taste that you cannot find anywhere else but Hoi An Restaurant. Read more

Chris in Prambanan Bugisan Yogyakarta

Having written yesterday about Borobudur there was a reference to other such sites being less well known, but equally captivating. So it is with Prambanan, and it shows that sheer ignorance can sometimes be a major bonus when it comes to travelling, for apart from a name on an itinerary, I knew nothing about it. And yet it’s spectacular. There isn’t really an excuse for being so unaware, given it forms part of the usual itineraries around the region but as is often the case the focus falls on what is anticipated to be the expected highlight.
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Chris in Borobudur

One of the attractions about touring around Asia is the prevalence of temples, be they Hindu or Buddhist. It can become a bit much after a while and temple fatigue is a known reaction from many visitors, particularly those not spiritually minded, but there are unquestionably some that are not just highlights but items fit for any bucket list.
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Virtuoso Travel Week Destination Showcase: Indonesia

virtuoso-destination-showcase-dinnerFresh from being selected as Virtuoso‘s on-site partner in Indonesia, ICS Travel Group attended Virtuoso Travel Week. . . one of the travel industry’s most anticipated annual events. This year’s gathering in Las Vegas, Nevada boasted 5,257 attendees from 98 countries.

Vietnam Visa Update

Effective Monday, 29 August 2016, for all tourist visa applications from United States tourists Vietnam will issue a 1-year/multiple-entry visa. The fee for this 1-year/multiple-entry visa is US$135.

Please note that this change will affect tourists who apply for a 1-month/single-entry visa (currently US$25) or a 1-month/multiple-entry visa (currently US$50), as they will now be required to pay US$135 and will automatically be given the 1-year/multiple-entry visa, regardless of the length of stay.

We will continue to monitor Vietnam visa and immigration policies and will alert you to any important changes.

ICS Vientiane has a New Home

ICS Travel Group is happy to announce that our office in Vientiane, Laos has moved to a new location.  The move is complete and the new office is fully operational.

ICS Travel Group office in Vientiane, Laos new location

ICS Travel Group office in Vientiane, Laos new location

ICS Travel Group office in Vientiane, Laos new location

ICS Travel Group office in Vientiane, Laos new location


The new contact information is:

No. 052, Unit 5,
Ban Wattay Noy Thong,
Sikotthabong District,
Vientiane Lao P.D.R.

T: (+856) 21 256 250-1
F: (+856) 21 256 253

Guide Training in Hanoi, Vietnam

At ICS Travel Group, we believe that our guides are an incredibly valuable part of our team. We realize your lasting impression of your trip is determined largely by your interaction with your guide, and we want you to leave Asia with wonderful memories, newfound cultural appreciation, and maybe even a lifelong friend.

As part of our commitment to quality, we offer continuous training to improve the knowledge and skills of our team members. Our guide team in Hanoi, Vietnam recently took time to update and expand their knowledge of the destinations we share with visitors to Hanoi.


View aircraft and war remnants at the Air Force Museum

ICS in Hanoi, Vietnam - Guide Training at Air Force Museum


Explore Vietnam’s many ethnic groups at the Ethnology Museum

ICS in Hanoi, Vietnam - Guide Training at Ethnology Museum


Dive deep into Vietnamese culture at the Ethnology Museum

ICS in Hanoi, Vietnam - Guide Training at Ethnology Museum


Prepare for all emergencies with First Aid training

ICS in Hanoi, Vietnam - First Aid training for Guides


View the ‘John McCain Monument’ on Truc Bach Lake

ICS in Hanoi, Vietnam - Guide Training at John McCain Monument on Truc Bach Lake


Guide training continues during lunch at Season of Hanoi restaurant

ICS in Hanoi, Vietnam - Guide Training Lunch at Season of Hanoi Restaurant

We welcome you to experience our knowledge, professional guides throughout Vietnam and the rest of Southeast Asia. Please contact your dedicates sales representative for more information.