Hanoi Street Eats and Market Visit

Visit the bustling Chau Long market located just off of Truc Bach Lake. Enjoy the walk through the narrow and busy passages with a crowd of vendors’ stores displaying all sorts of colourful groceries and foodstuffs. There is a good deal of chances for great photos with vibrant colors from a vegetable shop or a butcher’s store. If you are keen to see some exotic stuff, you will find a corner with kicking frogs, eels, silkworms and so forth and so on.

Feel the energy in the air with the excitement from the locals who are working on the ingredients for their upcoming meals at home. Twist the way through the crowd to find some interesting street food stops. There will be the tasty rice vermicelli with grilled pork patties (bun cha) with the famous deep fried Vietnamese spring roll. Continue your culinary exploration with some creative variations of the popular “Pho”. Next, go to an old cafe that has been handed down through a few generations to enjoy the aroma of the coffee made with special family brewing technique.

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