Excursion to Trang An

Journey just outside town to Trang An Grottoes, southwest of Hoa Lu ancient capital inside Trang An Eco Tourism Complex. This area is includes limestone ranges, valleys, caves and rivers; Trang An Grottoes also hosts Vuc Vong Temple, and the Khong residence. Embark on a small, hand rowed sampan, and begin your journey along green waterways. Continue to Hoa Lu, the birthplace of the Vietnamese nation. In the 10th century, it was here that the first capital was established. Today only the foundations remain of the original palace, but visitors can still see two temples, Dinh Tien Hoan Temple and Le Dai Hanh Temple, dedicated to the rulers of the first two dynasties of the nation. These temples are a sight to behold, with traditional courtyards and lily ponds, set among the dramatic rice paddies and karst formations of the area.

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