A Perfect Family Day in Angkor


  • Have a water blessing morning by a monk at one of the ancient temples of Angkor Thom.
  • Get on an adventurous and fun day doing treasure hunt around the ancient temples and experience exhilarating zip ride through tropical jungle with your family.

An adventurous day for all the family combining a watery blessing with a treasure hunt through ancient temples and an exhilarating flight through the tropical rainforest.

Start the day with a sacred Buddhist water blessing performed by a monk at one of the ancient temples of Angkor Thom. Said to bring peace, good luck and happiness you can choose between receiving either a light sprinkling of water, or change into a sarong for a longer blessing involving more of the blessed water. At the end of this ancient ritual your wrist will be adorned with special red ties.

Next hop into a tuk tuk for a treasure hunt around the ancient temples spread throughout the Cambodian jungle. Search for clues under the enormous smiling stone faces in the beautiful Bayon temple and amongst the thick tree roots that have wound themselves around the crumbling walls of Ta Phrom temple.

Then dive deeper into the jungle and experience an exhilarating zip ride. Fly through the tropical rainforest as you zip between suspended sky bridges and abseil from towering trees.
End the fun-filled day with a light dinner or head back into town for a relaxing evening.

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