Battambang lies at heart of rural Cambodia and its quiet, laidback nature belies its status as Cambodia’s second-largest city.  It’s situated by the River Sangker, a tranquil body of water which winds its way through the province. The city is home to the some of the best-preserved French colonial architecture in Cambodia and its palm-lined streets are shared by cars and horse carts.Leaving Battambang by road, the scene quickly turns to one of small villages, rice paddies and farmland, and it’s these rural surroundings which help to create it’s small town feel.


Battambang: Suggested Activities


Phare Ponleau Selpak

Visit this Cambodian school which aims to support community development through providing social, educative and cultural services to children and their families and see a performance by its talented students. Read More…

Bamboo Railway

Experience a unique local form of transport, travelling through the open countryside on a simple motorized bamboo platform running along the old railway lines.

Art Insider and Cruise

Discover Battambang’s vibrant arts scene with visits to local galleries and artists studios. Read More…