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Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand, is a modern Asian metropolis whose inhabitants alternate gracefully between traditional and modern.  Air-conditioned megamalls and swish cocktail bars sit alongside street-side food stalls and ancient temples laden with offerings of food, flowers and incense.

Winding its way through Bangkok is the Chao Praya River, flanked on one side by noisy, restless downtown Bangkok and on the other by stilted houses and luxury hotels. A trip in a traditional wooden long-tailed boat around Bangkok’s klongs (canals) reveals floating shops, waterfront temples and small-scale fruit orchards.


Bangkok: Suggested Activities


Thailand - Bangkok Art and Culture Walking Tour - Full Day

Bangkok Art and Culture Walk

Explore the rich cultural heritage of Bangkok strolling through the heart of bustling Chinatown and into the Portuguese Quarter, then hop on a longtail boat and cruise through the klongs to Bang Luang, a small artists community.
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Bangkok by Train, Boat, Foot and Tuk Tuk

Explore the City of Angles via train, boat, foot and tuk-tuk, venturing into some of the city’s most exciting areas.
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Bangkok Jungle – Cycling

Just across the Chao Phraya River is an extraordinary place known to the locals as Bang Kra Jao. This amazing wilderness in Bangkok can easily be explored by bicycle.
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Klong Tour

Travel along the Chao Phraya River, seeing the picturesque Wat Arun, and through the klongs (canals) of Thonburi, discovering how Bangkok earned the title “Venice of the East”.

Ayutthaya by Car & Boat

Ayutthaya was founded in 1350 and became the capital of the kingdom of Siam, a title it held for 417 years.
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Railway Market

Experience one of Thailand’s most unusual markets, set along train tracks, and the unique ballet between vendors and the train as they fold up their umbrellas to allow it to pass.
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